Lizard Kings

Lizard Kings Series I

Rare 1/1 Lizard Kings NFT's created by the CRYPTO GODS .app

Images are huge 300dpi masterpiece 28" x 60" files suitable for Museum Grade Giclee Printing on Canvas for physical display in a home or office. The high res digital file is perfect for large screen high res displays for the Mansion or Office.

Lizard Kings are a rare NFT Art Token released by the

Series 1 is an homage to the retro early days of Video Games when all there was, was Green and Black CRT's (Look it up).

The images chosen are the famous icons of the past 100 years of Cinema and Music History, cocksmen known to be Lizard Kings worshipped by millions of adoring females all over the world.

While the Crypto God is a true Lizard King, the 001 NFT goes to THE LIZARD KING himself, Jimmy M.

He shall be known now only as THE LIZARD KING with no need to say his name.

Lizard Kings first NFT release is simple titled LIZARD KING SOL, it never hit market

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