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Liquid Singularity

Art can be found everywhere, it can be found in nature, it can be found in man made structures and generated AI programmes and it can be found in each of us.

I hid my true self away from the world for too long, so much so that I now have a passion for revealing the hidden, hidden gems of art and beauty that can't be seen with the human eye.

Each of these art pieces were created using milk, paint, oil, water, dish soap and a paper plate. Two light sources also used to create depth. Some of them look like deep space nebula, you can lose yourself just looking at them, the reality is a scene just 10mm-20mm on a paper plate in my kitchen.

I mixed various ratios together and waited for a scene to materialise, once something appeared that triggered an emotional response within me I took the shot.

30 1/1 NFTS at 0.3 eth- capped

Once all 30 have sold -

  • 1/10 limited edition airdrops
  • 1 Raffle for a 1/1 NFT
  • signed print for holders of 3 or more until the end of November.
Oct 2021
Creator earnings