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⌐◨-◨ Lil Based Nouns!

Lil Based Nouns are an exciting addition to the BuildOnBase ecosystem. These limited edition 4,420 classic Lil Nouns characters on Base colored backgrounds are here to spread the fun and introduce more people to the wonderful world of Nouns. They are not just Lil...they are BASED!

WTF is a Lil Noun? Lil Nouns are one of the most successful sub-DAOs of NounsDAO. With a thriving community and an impressive Treasury currently holding 220 ETH and 16 NounsDAO tokens! They truly are a testament to the expansion of the Nouns ecosystem.

Dive into the action with auctions that run every 15 minutes. Get ready and place your bids to own a piece of history. Curious to learn more and explore the Lil Nouns universe? visit the official site at for more information. And be sure to visit the where the Lil Nouns currently have 3 open rounds for a chance win many prizes in ETH and Lil Nouns tokens.

This project is brought to you by Based Nouns. Please visit our Twitter @basednouns and/or jump int our Discord and say hi.

Sep 2023
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