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Leventneuf et la Paix 1

This collection wants to be an eulogy to Peace in our hearts and in the world, in every element of Nature that is Water, Air, Fire, Earth.

Each artwork is an original and unpublished shot of mine, not post-produced by choice to preserve the purity of the moment and enhanced by my handwritten message of Peace.

My artworks are born from my heart, they derive from my why and come to life with my emotions. I really hope to move you too.

This is my why, the why that moves my every action: Communicating Emotions, Peace, Love and Hope to promote improvements in the world.

There are 129 signed artworks in this collection because i am very attached to Numbers 1 and 29.

10% of each sale is donated to the Italian Red Cross which is helping the Ukrainian people.

"I will not have Peace if there is no Peace, i will not stop asking for Peace if there is no Peace." Leventneuf

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Apr 2022
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