Leonardo Da Vinci's Essence Collection by Boutique AI

In this collection thanks to deep learning, I show to the world the secret images hidden by Leonardo Da Vinci into 3 of his most famous paintings as NFTs.

ABOUT THE CREATION: Deep neural networks exploit the property that many natural signals are compositional hierarchies, in which higher-level features are obtained by composing lower-level ones. In images, local combinations of edges form motifs, motifs assemble into parts, and parts form objects.

With this in mind, the computational artist and data scientist spuliz, after years of studying high resolution pictures of the Gioconda, Salvador Mundi and Virgin with child and Saint Anne, realised that secret messages were hidden underneath the colour and shadows of the original Da Vinci's paintings.

BONUS: The buyer of this NFTs will also unlock the secret algorithm code that I wrote in latin language!

LEARN MORE: If you want to learn more about our algorithm read us on medium @boutiqueai.

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