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Lasogette is an esoteric fine art project of 7,777 generative pfpNFT's following a net-art aesthetic under the artistic guidance of Monsieur Lasogette. A very colorful, vibrant, and analog infused social media avatar. Designed from the ground up to evoke a sense of abnormality and nonconformity delivered to you from the fringes of the karmic grid.

Disclaimer: Not intended for use as anything but art. No roadmap, promises or guarantees or any of that nonsense. Don't treat this like a goddamn corporation , okay?

P.S. All art seen is copylefted under the VPL license (Copyleft (c) All Rights Reversed) and the data and imagery depicted here are in no way representative of any real-world person, organization or place. This is all just for fun and should never be treated seriously. The whole point of this is that it's all fictional!

Aug 2022
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