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LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US-Mexican Border

I visited and photographed over 200 artists for my project about the vibrant cultural activities on both sides of the 2000 miles long bi-national border. To my knowledge this is the largest documentation of artists along the US-Mexico border to date and by collecting NFTs from this project you can help to ensure its preservation and continuation.

I have visited all major cities and some smaller ones along the entire length of the border and photographed artists on both sides since 2008. The portraits were exhibited at photography festivals, in museums and galleries in Mexico, the US and Germany. The project - featured by NYT, BBC, Wired - is ongoing and will be funded in the future through the sale of these NFTs. More will be added periodically. I am very excited about this new way to connect with collectors and museums and I hope to create even more awareness about the fabulous artists who live and work along the border.

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