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L2-Vendetta Vengeance Pass | BNB Chain

About this collection

L2-Vendetta, is a remarkable Lineage 2 private server focused on digital assets/collectibles, that brings together stunning world-conquering (Castle Sieges, Fortress Sieges, Raid Bosses) and immersive player battles (Mass PvP's), with the integration of blockchain to create a truly unique and engaging user experience. Envisioned to empower players, streamers, content creators & enrich gaming experiences of gamers.

Vengeance Pass NFT collection is the vision of the future kings that will fight for Aden. A wide selection of unique characters are the bodies of our holders into the realm of Elmore.

This NFT series will allow users early entry access into the "Vengeance is the only Verdict" & all other L2-Vendetta ecosystem products.

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The Light of Humans and the Ability of Dwarfs

Humans are the most diverse and capable of all the races. They have the most balanced stats and the largest selection of available classes. Although Humans were created by Gran Kain, they worship Einhasad, the Goddess of Light.

Dwarves were made from and worship the God of Earth Maphr. Their heartiness makes them excel at crafting, resource gathering, and heavy combat. Their prowess allows them to take on multiple enemies at once.


Magic damage dealer, knows various combat spells.

One of the nuker classes in Lineage. Uses powerful fire attacks, ranging from AoE to straight nukes and some debuffs buff cancel attacks, though they are soft targets because, they are slower runners and are unable to drain hp form enemies (one of the main reasons of being inferior to Necromancers and Spellhowlers), also is quite mana-hungry, but not as much as Spellsingers. A smart player can overpover other classes, also sorcerers are quite efficient at battling in a party, castle sieges etc. because of good power ratio, good skillset for that situation, e.g. mass sleep helps with crowd-control. Leveling is easy if you have EE/SE with you, otherwise you will suffer downtime. Good for PvE and raidbosses (with SE/EE of course), if you pull too much monsters you can always mass sleep if time allows it (relatively long cast time).


Assisting character, knows various spells for restoring one's health and the health of one's allies.

Bishops who have transcended the teachings of the order of the god of light and reached a new standing are granted the title of Cardinal. Priests researching the studies of countless ancient clerics embarked on a search of the cause of the discrepancy between their miracles and current white magic. Years later, only a handful returned and formed the Order of the Forgotten Miracles, compelling them to proclaim the resurrection of Cardinals.


Melee damage dealer, in combat prefers spears and blunt weapons. Specializes in crafting equipment and various supplies.

Master craftsmen who possess extraordinary skills are granted the title of Maestro. Even among association leaders and elders, those who can be called Maestros are extremely rare. Their resurrection was believed to be impossible due to the loss of the vision of ancient Dwarf craftsmen, but a number of recently returned Warsmiths re-exhibited the ancient preternatural abilities once believed to have been lost.

Fortune Seeker

Melee damage dealer, in combat prefers spears and blunt weapons. Specializes in extracting materials from fallen monsters.

Fortune Seekers are Bounty Hunters who possess the most accomplished collecting skills. There's no conclusive proof, but Fortune Seekers are said to be able to pluck strands of hair from Valakas's mustache. Although the legend of a great number of Fortune Seekers has been passed down unconfirmed, the recent return of a few Bounty Hunters from seemingly impossible journeys fuels rumors about the return of the Fortune Seekers.

Elven Battle

Dark Elves excel at the dark arts, including death magic and shadow empowerment. Dark Elves were once part of the Elf race. They split off to pursue their worship of Shilen and dark magic, but Shilen proved to be too evil, and the Dark Elves now stand on their own.

Elves were born of water, making them fluid, agile, and infused with good magic. Deeply in tune with the forces of nature, they worship Eva, the second Goddess of Water. Elves excel at beneficial magic, archery, and singing above all.

Ghost Hunter

Damage dealer, in combat relies on stealth. Their favourite weapon is daggers. Can deal heavy critical damage.

The title granted to the most accomplished of the Abyss Walkers, Ghost Hunters are notorious for their swiftness and damaging attack abilities. With the exception of a handful of veterans, very few existing Abyss Walkers have reached this standing.

Storm Screamer

Magic damage dealer, knows various combat spells.

Storm Screamers are the most accomplished Spellhowlers who practice incomparably powerful wizardry, but have been excluded from the ranks of those represented by the Ivory Tower who consider them tarnished by black magic.

Moonlight Sentinel

Ranged damage dealer, in combat prefers bows. Has high speed and attack speed parameters.

The bow is a very important weapon in war for Elves, who traditionally prefer long distance hit-and-run combat over short distance melee combat. A title conferred on the most accomplished archers among the Elf warriors, the Moonlight Sentinel is named after an ancient hunting ritual performed under the light of the full moon.

Sword Muse

Melee damage dealer, performs songs that buff allies.

Sword Muses are Sword Singers who have reached the apex of the singing of spirit songs unique to Elves. Spirit songs are beautiful songs infused with the power of the spirit. Magic exclusive to Elves, these songs enhance the combat capability and morale of their own forces and to seek the divine protection of the spirits and the goddess before heading out to the front. Following the Elmoreden imperial era, the number of Sword Singers who reached the level of Muse continuously dwindled and came to be deemed as legends, but recently began to resurface with the emergence of the woman of the lake.

The Power of The Orcs

Orcs were created by fire to be a race of undying strength and stamina, worshiping the God of Fire, Pa'agrio. Once servants of the Giants, Orcs are powerful warriors and shamans.

The Orc race is the race of fire. Among all races, Orcs possess the greatest physical abilities. After the destruction of the giants, they were able to expel the Elves and attained the most powerful position on Aden. However, they were defeated by the Elf-Human alliance some time later, and are currently living in an arctic area of Elmore.

Grand Khavatari

Melee damage dealer, in combat uses fist weapons and energy attacks and summons various totems.

It is said that the highest priests of the Monastery of Fire possess strength that rivals that of Titans. These master Tyrants possess abilities previously unseen in Titans, pursuing true physical prowess. Gifted and dedicated fighters who are granted the title of the Grand Khavatari, the quintessential warrior, these Tangsu practitioners prefer tattoos over cumbersome armor in combat.


Melee damage dealer, in combat prefers two-handed swords. Becomes stronger with depleting of one's health bar.

Wielding massive swords or axes, these powerful Orc warriors spearhead advance attacks and trample the enemy without reservation.


Mighty warlock, in combat uses various buffs and debuffs, able to recover CP.

Orcs who have realized the power of tactics, Dominators are natural leaders and strategists. Given the title of Dominator, which is bestowed to only the strongest Overlords, they lead proud warriors who will leap off a cliff without the slightest hesitation about their victory.


Mighty warlock, in combat uses various buffs and debuffs. Specializes in health regeneration.

At the pinnacle of the Orc's incantations lie battle songs, special chants in the form of songs. Doomcryers are Warcryers who are perfectly fluent in battle songs that rain destruction upon the enemy. With mere words, they heal friendly forces with chants endowed with strong magical powers, raise morale, and cast curses on enemies.