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Kyoto Kenran

This NFT artwork features the design of Kyoto Yuzen, a traditional Japanese kimono.

Kyoto Yuzen, renowned as the most historically significant kimono, is meticulously screen-printed in the ancient capital of Kyoto. As the owner of a silk-screen printing company founded 90 years ago in Kyoto, I am deeply committed to preserving this time-honored art. With the advent of the digital era in Kyoto, there is a growing interest in reinterpreting traditional culture.

Consequently, the concept of preserving traditional culture through digitalization has emerged. In light of this situation, we have embarked on an initiative to digitally preserve and archive valuable designs of Kyoto Yuzen that were previously scattered and undocumented in the hands of artisans. These invaluable designs will be transformed into digital data and offered as NFTs, providing opportunities for collection, commercial utilization, and creative resources. This endeavor marks our commitment to ensuring the continued legacy of Kyoto Yuzen's designs in the modern era.

In my perspective, the essence of preserving tradition lies in the power of discovery. It is through continuous discoveries that tradition remains connected. Through this Kyoto Yuzen NFT, what new discoveries will people from all over the world make? And what kinds of new perspectives on art will arise as a consequence?

I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to encounter exciting new discoveries, and that the traditional culture of Kyoto Yuzen will be inherited and flourish.

Jul 2023
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