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Knospe III

“KNOSPE” is an archive project by Digital Serotonin. Knospe, which began with a motif from an African folk tale that he came across by chance, deals with the correlation between emotion and technology.

Knospe III was originally an installation media art composed of digital images and sounds. Images generated by the light of projectors pouring into two huge translucent screens in a dark space intersect and overlap each other to create new patterns. "Knospe" means flowerbud in German. Imagining a flower bud that appears to be dead but blossoms every year, Digital Serotonin has turned a certain sense that is there for sure, although it has not come out yet, into the full bloom of artistic language. As the figure in which the past, the present, and the future are all mingled blossoms on the screen, a strange feeling that words cannot articulate is transformed into a visual pattern, trying to communicate with the audience.

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Jul 2021
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