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Kinesio hack - Combat sport series

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Kinesiohack – Combat series is a collection on unique workouts designed for combat sport, every image is unique with a different level of intensity.

Kinesiohack is a personal trainer studio based in Italy and every workout is associated a client that workout in our physical studio. Every workout is build with warmup, drill, central part of the training and a conditioning, with different levels of intensity and rarity.

A particular note concerns the dimensions of the images, based on the sacred numbers on which the universe is built. According to the theory of the fractal universe, the universe is divided into 8 octants where there are 3 axes: the axis of energy, space and time. In our octant the value of the energy axis is 639 and represents the height of our images, the value of the space axis is 825 and this represents the width while the value of the time axis is 417 and is the resolution of the pixels.

Apr 2022
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