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Ken Taylor Reynaga - RANCHEROS K.T

From the desert valleys of deep space internet, RANCHEROS K.T is a collection of NFTs by Ken Taylor Reynaga.These RANCHEROS represent those doing the hard work of expanding the Wild Web 3. Exploring these innovative frontiers can be tough at times with huge ups and downs. However, the RANCHEROS are here to stay through thick and thin. We invite you to join the wild web 3 universe with your very own unique RANCHEROS K.T.

RANCHEROS K.T is Ken Taylor Reynaga's second NFT release with SimcoDrops. The series of 111 unique NFT's drop on 08/11/21 at 12:00pm PDT.

RANCHEROS K.T is a growing universe, from which this is the first set to be published.

Jul 2022
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