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Kasiq Jungwoo Lee

Based in Seoul, Kasiq is an illustration artist specialised in fashion.  He has involved in numerous commercial and media projects at the global level including Nordstrom, La Rinacente, Samsung, Volkswagen, LVMH, Wallpaper* etc.  Currently he has performed the artwork for Ed Sheeran Divide album. 

BRAND & PROJECT La RINASCENTE_Annual Campaign collabo with Scott Shumann NORDSTROM_Giftcards SOTHEBY’s_Wine Collection VOLKSWAGEN_[New Begin] Project LVMH _Annual Reports HYUNDAI MOTORS_Brazil Worldcup KOREAN AIR SAMSUNG_Galaxy S7 China FOOT LOCKER JILLSTUART newyork X Kasiq collaboration Forbes España Cover Illustration

MAGAZINE Wallpaper* FORBES España_Cover Artwork GQ British  GQ Germany/Spain/US VOLVO MAGAGINE Harper's Bazaar Marie Claire Vanity Fair   MUSIC ALBUM 
Ed Sheeran_[Divide] Cover Artwork

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