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KASBOEKdiamond Spectrum

We are delighted to present the KASBOEKdiamond collection: Spectrum. The first NFT collection by studio KASBOEK.

This is a 3d visualization of a carbon molecule of a diamond structure. Thanks to connecting the atom dots, we obtained this 3D visualization. We've given it our own index of refraction, the patented KASBOEKdiamond with number 2.442. Our collection consists of a day and a night version. The NFT will be available on and directly via OpenSea as of now. Please contact us for more information.

The collection Spectrum contains all the colors of the rainbow. These NFTs are a part of a wider art project also including printed artworks. The virtual and physical works are intertwined and the entire collection shows a 360 view of the KASBOEKdiamond. This work by studio Kasboek is about determining value and viewing and experiencing reality from the perspective of diversity. Nothing shines like this KASBOEKdiamond.


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