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KAMIYO is a generative NFT based on Japanese mythology Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, three gods will cosplay! !

The Kojiki project is a creator team that has been active since 2017. I create music, voice dramas, manga, stage performances, etc. based on Japanese mythology.

Kojiki project music video!!

古事記project で使用するキャラクターの原作は、「WEB 版ラノベ古事記(URL: )」に登場するキャラクターであり、小野寺優氏の作品が基になっています。 当作品はWEB 版ラノベ古事記の利用規約(URL: )に則って作 成されております。 *All characters used in any contents sold or distributed by the Kojiki Project have been originated from and based on the characters and the story created by Yu Onodera in her novel (The web version of The light novel Kojiki(URL: )). Any derivative works in the Kojiki Project were created and used pursuant to the terms of use available through the link here.

Oct 2022
Creator earnings
  • Character: Susanoo