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Kaali Peeli ( Black and Yellow)

Kaali Peeli ( Black and Yellow)

The "Kaali Peeli's" or the black and yellow Fiat Cabs were closely linked with Bombay. Most cabs were decorated with bright elements as per the cabbies fancy. The seats had bright multi-coloured covers, the inside roof lining usually adorned with colorful patterns. These design elements soon became the signature of Mumbai cabs, much like the local motifs seen on trucks pan India. Everyone in the city had a cabbie story-of safely coming home in a Kaali Peeli.

Amidst so many tales of grit, determination and the will to survive, in the landmark year 2020, comes the death knell for one of the most integral parts of Mumbai ‘s landscape and cultural fabric – the Fiat or Padmini taxi, or as we lovingly came to call it, ‘Kaali Peeli’

Though Mumbai's Kaali Peeli Fiat's arrived their final destination, They will forever live in every Mumbaikar's Heart.

"Aankhon Se" my Music Video is a Homage to these very "Mumbai's Iconic Black and Yellow Cabs"

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