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JustravelERS Tribe Collectibles ,Official JTTribe Conscious Luxury Travel Club

JTTribe is clear! Our purpose is to BE A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE ENTHUSIASTS TO TRAVEL AND LIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCES, DO BUSINESS WITH HIGH PROFITS, BE PART OF THE NFT WORLD, and receive many real benefits in the real world by investing in NFTs belonging to a "like-minded" community.JTTribe is a mix of creatives, business people, and entrepreneurs who have always been committed to serving the common good. Thus, our NFTs create value by developing UTILITY in real life: access to the World of Luxury Travel&Experiences, and services, and awareness for the sake of a thriving community in a global vision of sustainability for our world. The goal of conscious Travel is to make travel matter. We want to help people explore the world with purpose and reason, forming meaningful connections with the places they visit. Today, the limitations between absolute centralized online travel agencies (OTAs), known as the OTA Duopoly, are disrupted by JUSTRAVELERS TRIBE, a community.

Apr 2023
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