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About this collection

ERC 721

Welcome to the magical world of JOYWORLD! Where the joyous art of John Orion Young (JOY) comes to life in the form of JOYsmilies, JOY’s first series of 1/1/X collectibles. With over 200 hand-sculpted traits, JOYsmilies are a true celebration of creativity, whimsy, and playfulness. Get ready to enter a world where anything is possible, and JOY is always just a smile away!

Items minted10,000

John Orion Young (JOY), a fourth-generation artist & sculptor, uses AR, VR, AI & blockchain to revolutionize digital art. In 2018, JOY launched the first NFT contract to mint 3D art on the blockchain with JOYs & created a second contract in 2019 for JOYtoys that includes additional features like the ability to split profits at point of sale with collaborators, charities, and owners of JOYs.

Video: Gabe Imlay for Adobe


JOYWORLD is a metaverse of joy & creativity. It’s a place where virtual muses called JOYs roam, each with a unique magic that is bestowed upon the JOY Collector that holds them; and a world full of playthings for the metaverse called JOYtoys with powers to help you create your happiest potential.


JOYsmilies are truly one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted metaverse collectibles with over 200 unique traits. By owning JOYsmilies, you become a member of the exclusively inclusive group of JOY Collectors. Become a JOY Collector and own a piece of JOY's imaginative world & art history. Join us where JOY is just a smile away!

JOY Collectors

JOYsmilies are for JOY Collectors! Over the past 5 years, you have been an integral part of JOYWORLD, and to express JOY’s gratitude, JOYWORLD is proud to announce the start of the JOYmini series, and the first rendition is a thank you gift to you.

Collecting JOYs & JOYtoys is a magical journey with surprises & endless possibilities. We’re honored to have you in JOYWORLD!