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jeju the stone boy

The "Jeju the stone boy" NFTs collection derived directly from the tale going by the same name written and illustrated by Pas Calarts.

The 100 artworks tells a story in Jeju island off the coast of Korea where the good King Dragon seek the Plant of Eternity to guaranty peace for ever… The God of the Mountain disagrees with the plan and his celestial arrow strikes the king and turns him into a statue of stone… Soon the new king is born as a stone being!… and named Jeju the stone boy. After fighting for his rights as the new king, Jeju goes on the quest to steal the Plant of Eternity from the God of the Mountain, and free his dragon father from his curse… only to discover that he is the son of the god too!

Drama, daring endeavors and family first are the ingredients of an adventure celebrated by these NFTs artworks associating calligraphy and water color textures and vibes.

Check, read the tale "Jeju the stone boy" and discover the source of this NFTs collection.

Jan 2023
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