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Pretend it is a city

“And I would yell at them: ‘Move! Pretend it is a city!....where there are other people.”'

This is the reality of metropolis life – we are physically proximate yet we are all living in a world of one, barely noticing the existence of others. With photos taken in face-paced cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo, this series slowly walks you through city life, offering a glimpse of little moments - an old man sitting alone under the disco lights, a couple rushing across the road….They say street photography tells stories. I say street photography only captures a fragment of reality - you are the one deciding what the story should be.

So pretend it is a city, let your imagination do the story-telling - there are people of all ages doing interesting things. Ultimately, regular people are always fascinating even when they are not.

*All proceedings of this collection were donated in HKD to Society for Abandoned Animals

Oct 2021
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