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1R 7R335 - The Otherworld

As long as I can remember, I always loved creating… Looking to do things differently, finding new ideas, new ways of using my camera.

This collection is exactly about me… I want to capture the invisible, show the world that their is always more then what we see, there is always a story behind everyone, every wins, every struggle…

After getting my first infrared filter on March 1st 2022, I fell in love with the technique. This was resonating so strongly about what I want to achieve as an artist! I have to look beyond what I see, to reveal the invisible, to reveal another perspective, to reveal… The Otherworld.

I looked for a way for you, as a viewer, to do the same exercises. You probably noticed, but the titles have numbers instead of some letters. This is called Leet Language, and to read it, you will have to look beyond what you see!

This is the first collection about « 1R 7R335 », more will come under this same title with a different sub-titles.

Please, enjoy!

May 2022
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  • License: Extended editorial license