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Rejected Bootleg Punks by International Megadigital

When the dollar is devalued, the Elites will be trading their Official CryptoPunks and CyberKongz for the heating supplies and canned meat we will need to get through the climate-change induced, ice-age-like winters. You -- with only worthless fiat dollars in hand -- will offer an honest day's work for just one measly BitBird, but you will get no offers because you know the truth...

Only the rich will have secured the means to acquire the Punks necessary for survival in our new post-apocalyptic landscape where Twerking Elon Musk MoonCat Punks are traded for gasoline.

Seeing an opportunity to cash in on your future desperation, International Megadigital has released a set of GENERIC STORE-BRAND PUNKS. They are totally unaffiliated with Larva Labs. Nevertheless, they are just punky enough to fool the roving merchants in the wasteland to trade them to you for fresh water and matches (while we all avoid trademark infringement along the way).

Please thank us for our forward thinking


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