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Turn everything inside out. That is my message. I am Yonah de Beer and I run art studio INSI. Art, to me, is giving shape to your external world by giving expression to your internal world. And thus, every artwork is a moment captured of a new universe. My art is an abstract exploration of the human condition in the 21st century. Creating art, in any shape or form, is about the manifestation of a new perspective on our world and our role in it. A role that we as individuals and as a society should constantly revise. That is not only our artistic responsibility, but also our moral responsibility. Art is the conflict between a universe that has already passed and a new one dawning on the horizon. Art is not merely something to behold, it is also something to create and to propagate. That is what I wish to share with the world. Make art, be art and bring that which is on the inside, out.

All works have a certificate of authenticity, which is revealed as unlockable link

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Apr 2021
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