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4200 Collectable Unique Limited NFT / Physical Art! Not made from algorithms. Real art made from the imagination!

Celebrating the Art of the Line & the Invention of the Marker, every InkPnk bridges the gap between worlds, representing both a digital Non-Fungible Token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain, AND a physical work of hand-drawn art made with ink and paper that can be shipped to you!

All InkPnks are residents of Spillbridge, a fictional sci-fi/punk-rock municipality full of strange denizens, creatures and wormholes in space-time. As these InkPnks are sold, they will appear in the Spillbridge web-comic strip, either through a portal during Sheldon's 4-dimensional house party or elsewhere along the Spillbridge Continuum.

InkPnks know that Punk Rock will never die, and they don't care what you think. There will only ever be 4200 InkPnks ever minted. There will never be another InkPnk like this.

What better way to say "Who fruckin cares?!" than with InkPnks?

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Jul 2022
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