Inflation? Bitcoin Reverso!

An NFT Merchandise collection set, created to portray Bitcoin's effects against inflation. A way to get accross the message of Bitcoin's long-term calculation every HODL'r understands and realizes one day once they become a HODL'r.

The equation of: (Growing Userbase Converting Infinitely Printed Fiat Currency to Bitcoin+Time)÷(A network of 21 Million, Finite, Infinitely divisible[through second-layer networks like the lightning network] Bitcoin).

It takes ten thousand hours of research to even begin to understand the implication of that equation, but this collection of NFT Memes help get that understanding across a bit quicker. If not in the technical sense, then, in a basic level understanding sense. A start to get one on the path of curiosity to one day becoming a HODL'er, and DCA seller of their paper debt chains that do nothing but melt away the financial energy of their work, making the buying power of their savings worthless perpetually over time.

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