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Infinite Potential ( Limited Edition NFT Collectable)

Infinite Potential ( Limited Edition NFT Collection ) designed by Daniel Clark, Hollywood’s most respected Film Poster designer and signed by the film’s director and producer Paul Howard.

Watch the movie here

Infinite Potential, a journey that is both scientific and mystical, tells the story of David Bohm, the man Einstein referred to as his Spiritual Son and the Dalai Lama relied on to be his Science Guru. Recognized by the greatest minds in science, Bohm gives us the most coherent understanding of the Universe and our place within it.

Reviewed as one of the best films since 2001, A Space Odyssey

This NFT Poster Collection is limited to 1000 copies and available for a limited time only. The money raised from this NFT collection will go towards producing similarly themed enlightened films about consciousness and quantum physics.

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Feb 2022
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