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In Crypto We Trust by Houben RT

Oditto is thrilled to announce the launch of acclaimed artist Houben Tcherkelov’s collection, “In Crypto We Trust”.

“In Crypto We Trust” explores the push and pull of centralized versus decentralized currency in the US. Most of us are in America for the freedom it represents, and decentralized banking represents freedom and privacy.

Trusting a decentralized currency is a major societal advancement because the government has always regulated currency, but now with the birth of blockchain, it’s autonomous. We are transitioning to a more decentralized coin governed by the people, representing the evolution of trust from centralized to decentralized currency.

Houben’s collection takes a stance on America’s right to freedom through bitcoin and etherium through a colorful, pop-art lens. His art is representative of returning the trust to the people. In crypto we trust.

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Jan 2023
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