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~ In Bitcoin We Trust ~ creationSeries ~ Denver Saturday, Dec 18, 2021

founders fund

theater spotlights, metal stencils, canon

Denver Art Museum Denver Mint | U.S. Mint Rogers Federal Building Webb Municipal Building

December 18, 2021

As artists, we delight and inspire, with bold, “crypto revolution” messages projected on prominent landmarks worldwide. As activists, we value principles of decentralization, privacy, immutability, and community. As builders, we learn mechanics, collaborate, and create assets. As educators, we circulate knowledge to split tasks. As humans, we are curious, and want to connect.

Carry out direct action light protest as an analog art form. Educate the public. Digitize the scene with photo and video. Mint, and circulate the narratives as NFT art collectables. Proceeds facilitate ongoing activity and goals. SuedeDAO provides community, and governance. SUEDE token is access to decision making; future ICO.

3000 SUEDE token, airdrop to holders of this collection