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inBetweeners by GianPiero

The inBetweeners is a groundbreaking collection of 10,777 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, collaborating with the world's most iconic brands and individuals to revolutionize Web3 luxury fashion. At the heart of our project is Gianpiero, a world-renowned artist known for his work with Drew House, who brings each bear to life with his unique creative vision. Our collection is more than just digital art; it's a passport to exclusive events and IP licensing opportunities for holders. As we weave you into the fabric of our inBetweeners luxury fashion line—destined for global luxury boutiques and high-end retailers—we are at the forefront of holder IP licensing in the luxury fashion sector. Join us as we spread love and positivity across the globe, marking the beginning of a new era in Web3 luxury fashion

Dec 2021
Creator earnings
  • Chain: Lei necklace