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IJWBAA is a project of 5 collections (iJWBAA-1, iJWBAA-2, iJWBAA-3, iJWBAA-4, IJWBAA-5).

I drew my inspiration as references to create iJWBAA from great old masters like Rothko, Venus de Milo, and Giacometti.

What do these old master's arts look like if they are combined together? And what if they evolved and got into a digital art form?

And for me, evolving IJWBAA from traditional art to digital art as an NFT form and yet preserving its identity, I discovered more than what I was seeking.

In my journey, I wanted more than just a JPEG. I want to give him life by letting him move it. Because he truly deserves more.

In my search, I found him in the Metaverse. He had been there, waiting to be discovered, simply waiting to be liked.

And he was reborn with a personality and a story. His Story.

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Aug 2022
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