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I had a dream and now it's real

In connection with the January 2022 fine art exhibition, Jonny Hurts has followed in the footsteps of Damien Hirst, Peter Blake, Pushwagner and David Yarrow, covering 20 000 sq.ft with artwork in the heart of Oslo. The NFT collection “I had a dream now it’s real” brings to life the gigantic artwork and catapults the 13 different pieces into perpetuity, and only the NFT owners will hold a piece of history in their pockets, forever.. Much like young souls envisioning artwork, the NFTs breath life into the collection. When the project is all set, the NFTs live on forever. The collection: 13 different pieces from the universe, offered to the metaverse in a total of 640 NFT's. What to expect from Jonny Hurts going forward? The goal is to create NFT collections with exciting roadmaps for the community to feel the universe and metaverse aligning, with digital and physical art coming together. Expect 2022 to be a year with multiple projects and solid activity in the community. 💔Love,JH❤️

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