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Iconic Japan

"Iconic Japan" is a collection of 39 images, all of which are 1/1 NFT, consist of beautiful landscapes, unique places, and rare moments in Japan.

I am a photographer born and raised in Japan, and I have been to various places all over Japan to see and experience these sceneries. In this collection, I have cherry-picked the moments that I felt particularly dazzling. There are many staggering sceneries in Japan, and they change their beauty according to the four seasons to delight people. I have been fascinated by the beauty of Japan with its distinct four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and its charm has never ceased to mesmerize me. This collection is my culmination of the past few years.

I love the culture and history of my home country, Japan. I continue to pursue the discovery of true beauty and new beauty that can only be felt by fusing the spectacular view with the local climate of each region of Japan rather than just photographing it.

Oct 2021
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