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I Colored My Life

As soon as we are born we forget everything that was there before. The baby in the womb does not have the perception of time and space. As soon as he is born he screams, perhaps because the new perception of space-time frightens him. We are afraid of what we do not know. As soon as we are born, life on Earth gives us many colors. Vivid and different colors to paint and to create what we need to enjoy better our unique path of life. We are here, perhaps, to learn and to improve our "ego". Empathy is one of the things that helps us improve and make both ourselves and the lives of others better. A collective wisdom.

These animals have my eyes, they represent me as if I lived several lives. Instead of creating beautiful things in life with the colors, they started scribbling and filling everywhere. As if they remained imprisoned within their colors, colors that could become a smooth colorful path destined for empathy, wisdom and love.

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Feb 2022
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