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This collection will consist of my ATP (Active Time Paintings/Photographs) NFTs (colour) X collection representing human and natural hyperobjects. The original inspiration base photograph was taken in New York circa 1999 during my last visit to the twin world trade towers. My interpretation is that the term 'Hyperobject' could apply to almost everything but, specifically in the context of ecology and climate change, it describes vast entities and systems that humans can find hard or impossible to comprehend, due to the non-human scale and the delayed and shifting effects of the phenomenon. E.g. Morton (Hyperobjects, 2013) argues, global warming exists but cannot be seen directly as a complete entity - only thought out, imagined or represented graphically. This work formed part of my Masters in Contemporary Fine Art from The Cumbria Institute of Arts at, the University of Cumbria (2017)

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Jan 2022
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