Homage to Tupac

To commemorate 2Pac on his 50th BDAY, the collection “Homage to Tupac” is based on a stunning 30x40 oil-on-canvas portrait of Tupac, created by San Francisco-based artist Rhonel Roberts in 2003 and subsequently acquired by collector Melcom Copeland in the same year.

This physical work of art will be auctioned and accompanied in the bundle by a digital NFT element of unlockable content that includes a virtual reality experience of dynamic animation made up of ALL 50 custom variants in the form of visual filters, created by veteran Bay Area B-boy, graffiti artist and graphic designer Gene Buban aka Geneus1.

In addition we are making available for direct sale 50 standalone NFTs, each containing one of the exclusive custom Tupac visuals.

Unlockable GIFT content for purchases will feature eclectic audio of a myriad of custom remixes of Tupac’s music, including emotional, hardcore, gangsta, and old school vibes., produced by Emil Jankowski of Thug Radio (YouTube).