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Holy Script by SarahScript

About this collection

Holy Script is a celebration of the power of the written word.

Sarah found her voice through learning the art of calligraphy over 9 years ago, and she believes in the importance of slowing down and disconnecting from technology while we're still able.

Holy implies that the words themselves are sacred, even if they are silly or profane, because they have meaning to the reader.

Each word in this collection was calligraphed by hand with ink on paper.

As the prevalence of AI grows in both art and writing, Sarah hopes that the humanity inherent in calligraphy can be preserved and appreciated.

This collection is a dedication to the discipline of penmanship, the beauty of writing for ourselves, and finding strength in your own voice.


"Calligraphy is not about the letterforms alone, it's also about the tactile experience of writing on paper.

I wanted to capture the beauty of this with a textured paper, so I wrote the words and phrases on my favorite paper for this and later took photos. I then photoshopped the background of the photos out in order to use them in a generative collection like this.

I wrote with an oblique pen holder with a Leonardt Principal Extra Fine pointed nib and Moonpalace Sumi ink.

For all of these I sketched out the words in pencil on paper first and then went over with pen and ink. For the floral borders, I arranged dried and pressed flowers and then took photos and made borders with them in photoshop."

Music: Envato Elements, Song: Inspiring Piano Autumnal Glow by Marco Beloni Music"