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Hi, Andrew?! My Journey

Thank you for visiting my collection.

Please take the time to read my roadmap, and watch and visit my website and content. WEBSITE LINKS/ADDRESSES BELOW.

As you may know, I Andrew am passionate about Ghanaian football and its future. Along the way, beginning in 2017, I made a decision to write a book about my journey as a ride hailing app driver. This all happened by chance—with one thing leading to another, as you’ll go onto find out in my book – OUT 16th JAN 2023…

I can’t give it all away! But I have created a lot of content from the book for you to enjoy before its release.

NFT Release Date: 4pm (GMT) 16th January 2023

Please read our journey and the roadmap for the NFT’s at via

Check out my YouTube page and podcast for the book via my website

Follow @teamghanaeu and @andrewmensahjr on IG and on Twitter

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