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HEX - Into The Cosmos - Pulsechain - Into The Void - by Lynx Art Collection

HEX Into The Cosmos: Created for the HEX community by Lynx Art Collection with the first ten airdropped to HEX whitepaper metal panel customers. Limited to a total mint of 30.

Pulsechain, Into The Void: Limited to 100 and includes a PHYSICAL video art display shipped to its owner. The HEX NFT does NOT have a physical product. To view the physical Pulsechain product, please check here:

Lynx Art started as a vision for conversation pieces, engineered to generate emotion. We choose to use our art ideas as a means to transcend a message- messages of humanity and those philosophies are depicted to captivate a deeper and a more critical thinking from within.

Lynx Art Collection has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Bitcoin Magazine, and a variety of other networks.

[This project is in no way associated with HEX or Richard Heart]

Jan 2022
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