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About this collection

ERC 721

CREATURES - WEB3 collection is the second part of the Mint of HEROES, based on the cult game of the 20th century - "Heroes of Might and Magic III". The collection will completely immerse you in the atmosphere and graphic style of the last century. A fairy tale that everyone will remember and plunge into the bygone era of the gaming industry. This collection truly combines the favorite of gamers of the past and modern technologies.

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Available items688
Upgraded Creatures 7 level

There are 16 Level 7 Creatures in total... Only 7 of them are improved! Be the first, get the best superiority - get one unique upgraded level 7 Creature! Creatures will be available in full when the game is released already at the beta stage.

Other Creatures

Hundreds of different, diverse, multi-level Creatures for you. We have prepared and collected for you an incredibly diverse, animated collection of Creatures of the most iconic strategy of the last century, the time of the birth of the gaming industry. A total of 688 Creatures are represented, of which 192 are level 1 Creatures; 176 are level 2 Creatures; 160 are level 3 Creatures; 64 are level 4 Creatures; 48 are level 5 Creatures; 32 are level 6 Creatures; 16 are level 7 Creatures. 1/2 of the collection is represented by improved Creatures.

Get an upgraded Creature now!

A great chance to do it right now! 344 improved Creatures are waiting for you. Do not despair after getting an improved Creature, try again ... or wait a little bit, my friend, we would soon launch an app to upgrade your Creatures!