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Heart Chakra - Trey Ratcliff x Tina Guo

Full details: This Machine Elf collab brings together the generative fractal work of Trey Ratcliff and music composed by Tina Guo to form a visual meditation. In this first release from the series, a limited edition of only 20 videos, each has a variety of different characteristics. Because Tina created this music specifically for the heart chakra, each NFT contains a different written “heart musings,” each of which are embedded into the videos at the end. Each of the 20 pieces have a unique rarity based upon the word content of these musings. Tina’s sound meditation became one of the mathematical waveform coefficients that fed into the generation of this fractal. You will notice it move and dance with her cello. Also, #20 of 20 is quite unique, as it is the only one that is rendered in 360, thus making it usable in VR. Discord: Trey: Tina:

Mar 2022
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