They don’t know where the first egg came from... Discovered by Hatchcorp during an excavation for precious minerals in Antarctica, the egg seems to be spawning more hatchables – but at a deflationary rate. There is no current determination into what the eggs can hatch into, however each seems to carry with it clues. Extraordinarily all have adopted personas and skillsets. A frenzy of prospectors are scouring the continent and beyond for these peculiar specimen. Among them, are the rare and super rare variety. But with countless reports of searchers going missing, this is no ordinary goldrush…

Hatchables are a cute but deadly NFT experience bringing together collecting, trading & gaming. There will only ever be 1000 Hatchables, with just 756 genesis egg available! The rest will be dropped to holders should the egg hatch.

Season 1 - Invasion of the Hatchables launches Friday 09 April from 20:00 UTC

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