Hashcards are the first cricket-based digital collectibles representing 100 iconic cricket players. Hashcards are a collection of 2100 NFTs made up of original copyrighted cricket player art, motion design, as well as traits and meta-data that differentiate the NFTs from each other.

The Hashcards collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC-721 standard, and is hosted on IPFS. Thanks to blockchain technology, Hashcards are verifiably scarce, represent true digital ownership, and are interoperable across a metaverse of different applications and games.

For the 2021 edition, each of the 100 iconic cricket players will have 21 Hashcards across 3 different types indicating scarcity — Unique (1 NFT per player), Super Rare (7 NFTs per player), and Rare (13 NFTs per player).

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