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Handwritten Reveries

Handwritten Reveries is a multi-sensory and multimedia book and art series, entirely handwritten and self-illustrated, composed of poems, prose, songs, and digitally composed watercolor paintings.

Handwritten Reveries is a linear journey that tells a personal story - yet everyone’s story - about relationships in their rawest and softest times. It celebrates the often quizzical inconsistencies and the temporal nature of love, taking readers through a process of loneliness and vulnerability, heartache and healing, pain and perseverance.

Part poetry book, part music album captured in a handwritten manuscript - a synesthetic reading experience, with words that capture the heart, illustrations that give a face to the feelings and characters, and songs that transport you to a new yet familiar world, allowing you to carry the words with you - even when you put the book down.

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Mar 2021
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