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Haematopoiesis by Ruben

Hematopoiesis is the process of formation of blood cellular components, and therefore life.

Before being photographed, these cells were created one by one with paint, liquid thickener, ferrofluid and magnets by Award-winning Artist Ruben Alvarez.

Ruben discovered the Hematopoiesis process, while he was looking for treatments for more than 15 pleomorphic adenomas that were located around his head and neck. He went through several surgeries to remove them and reconstruct his facial nerve, as well as almost thirty radiotherapy sessions to prevent these adenomas to appear again.

10% of the primary sales will be donated to the CRIS Cancer Foundation, to help the important cause of finding a cure for cancer and help people who are dealing with this disease.

These images are royalty free for editorial and non-commercial uses in magazines, medical journals and everything else related with the research and treatment of cancer and rare diseases.

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