H+M Sequencing :: Mapping Human+Machine DNA Hybrids

In the not-too-distant future, post-singularity, the DNA hybridization of Human+Machine (H+M) results in the trafficking of H+M's DNA traded, bought, and sold on the network of global blockchains...both decentralized chains and illegal PFBs (Privately Financed Blockchains).

My job as a coder/artist is not to debate the ethical/moral dilemma. My task is to visually illustrate the DNA sequencing and information processing capabilities as the H+Ms adapt, evolve, and mutate beyond anything previously calculated or imagined.

As the H+Ms evolve, their EPQs (Energy Processing Quotients) increment. EPQs are expressed in Rendering Units, notated as "ru[X]-N"* where "X" represents the generational evolution and "-N"* is the hashed ID.

It can and should be assumed that elevated ru[X] designates a more evolved H+M.

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