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ERC 721

Audio Galleries presents: GUD by LOGIK, one half of the GUD & EVOL Collection.

Those who mint either the GUD or EVOL NFT will be able to purchase limited token-gated fashion pieces created exclusively for this drop. Go to:

To Mint Evol:

LOGIK Drive-in Theatre

Meet LOGIK, also known as Julian Gilliam.

Among his endeavors, "The Plug," a successful NFT project, holds significance. It features an innovative staking mechanism and embodies his vision of providing free Japanese language instruction to the global Black creative community via his NPO, Chiba Center.

Additionally, he organised SUGOI, a three-day tech festival during NFT NYC 2022 in Brooklyn.


Our new favourite duo! GUD and EVOL were created to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves despite the status quo of what “should” be. We have one life to live, live it properly.

The best buds, Gud & Evol, were created with the halo and horn, one representing a heaven angel and the other a demon from down under. This illustrates that good and bad are ultimately subjective. Whether an action is good or evil can depend on a variety of factors, including the intentions of the person performing the action, the consequences of the action, the cultural or societal context in which the action is performed, and the values and beliefs of the individual or group making the judgment.

The Japanese text used to create the GUD & EVOL fashion pieces was one of LOGIK's favourite elements of the project. He chose Kotowaza’s (idioms) that aligned with our new favourite duo - GUD & EVOL.

GUD: “知らぬが仏“ means “Not knowing is Buddha.” or “Ignorance is Bliss”.

EVOL: “鬼の目にも涙 “ means "Even a cruel demon cries."

Token Gated Access to LOGIK's store, to claim Limited Edition Fashion

An Audio Galleries Partnership with Studio LOGIK and TIMEPieces