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Grump Punks 3

A Journey of Transformation and Kindness

The Third Grump Punks Collection marks an incredible turning point for these mischievous and spiteful creatures. After much reflection on their bully behavior and attitude towards others, the Grump Punks have decided to give kindness a try.

Yes, you heard it right - these notorious "Party Poopers" are now willing to put on a smile and embrace a new way of living.

This collection takes us on a captivating journey of transformation as the Grump Punks embark on a mission to fly to the moon incognito. How, you might ask? By transforming themselves into birds, allowing them to explore new horizons while still maintaining their mischievous nature.

Various collections:

-"Who's Strange?" -"PartyPoopers!"++ -"Flying Incognito"++ ... and various very rare single items

All are hand-crafted 1 of 1's. An nft potpourri ! Have fun!!!

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Oct 2022
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