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Gridiron Goofs

NOT affiliated with the NFL, the NFLPA, Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Panini, Panera Bread, Pizookies, Prince William

(Obviously parody.)

Football is back!

Collectible digital cards featuring your favorite goofballs of the Gridiron!

Four tiers of rarity, each with its own custom Aura!

  • Rare (Disco Gold)
  • Platinum (Ice Blue)
  • Iconic (Blaze Red)
  • Mythic (Galaxy Purple)

Season One, Episode One ("OG") is now COMPLETE! Enjoy the first 10 Goofs!

Season One, Episode Two ("Youngbloods") had its first drop on April 16, 2021! These are the hottest young rookies of the year, and also Tawm Terrific, who is definitely in his forties.

Season Two, Episode One ("Beefy Boyz") are dropping NOW! These guys are thick. Real beefers. Buy with confidence.

Season Two, Episode Two is complete! It consists of Mr. Big Chest. That's the whole set. Buy him and you've got 'em all.

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