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The Great Tech Game NFT Collection Series, by Anirudh Suri - Limited Edition Book Collectibles

The Great Tech Game NFT Collection Series (“TG-Squared Collections“) commemorate the launch of the first NFT collectible series being launched alongside a book. Each of the limited edition NFT collectible cards is a unique memorabilia digitally hand signed by Anirudh Suri, the author, and unique word cloud art based on the book's themes.

The crown jewel of the drop will be a rare number picked on Anirudh Suri’s Instagram and Twitter handles and our Discord community. That card owner will get a one-on-one session with the author and a mention in the next edition of his book. All cardholders will also get access to an exclusive video of the author reading key sections of the book during the “First Live Read.”

The TG-Squared Club will also promote tech inclusiveness and access for tech-disadvantaged groups.

⟶ 10% of profits donated to charities who are promoting tech education for girls. ⟶ 10% of profits used to donate books to public libraries in rural and small town India.


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