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GOING MY WAY Girl's collection

The story follows seven girls as they face their pasts, conflicts, regrets, and hidden emotions, make choices, and live in the midst of their daily lives together.

You are free to read or not read the description. If you want to know the girls, please open it.

"route" = the main story. The story in the description is one complete story, but each character is connected to each other, so you will gradually learn more about her as the story progresses. However, the answer may be hidden in a place written by the girl herself, in a locked place, or in someone else's daily life.

"After School" = an extra chapter linked to the girls' birthdays, events, and the time in the real world.

Is the world we see as a picture all there is?

Is it a world where everything you see is a color for the girls? Which will you choose?

Our slogan is "GOING MY WAY !!"

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